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Chapter 05: Outcomes and Impact from Participatory Water Management Chapter 06: Outcomes and Impact from Agricultural Development Chapter 07: Inclusive Development Approach: Outcomes and Impacts from Homestead Based Production
  1. Increased resilience against climatic variability: outcomes and impact of rehabilitation work on water management
  2. Organised coastal communities: outcomes and impact of institutional development
  1. Changes in crop agricultural production
  2. Change in cropping pattern and crop types
  3. Increase in Cropping intensity
  4. Increase in Crop yields
  5. Increase in employment through agricultural development
  6. Economic return of improved agriculture production
  1. Homestead vegetables production
  2. Homestead fruit production
  3. Commercial fruit production
  4. Poultry rearing
  5. Goats
  6. Cattle and buffalo
  7. Pond fisheries
  8. Feedback from FGDs on homestead production
  9. Problems of agricultural and homestead production
Chapter 08: The Outcomes and Impact on the Livelihoods of Women Chapter 09: The Overall Outcomes and Impacts on the Livelihoods of Coastal Communities in Blue Gold Polders
  1. Women’s role in economic activities
  2. Main Occupation of women
  3. Equality in food consumption
  4. Decision making regarding assets and land
  5. Mobility and participation
  6. Overall empowerment of women
  1. General features of coastal households
  2. Land ownership and land tenure
  3. Improvement in household income and asset
  4. Enterprise development
  5. Improvements in Living Standards