Annex 38.1 BGP Projects

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List of all the Blue Gold Innovation Fund projects[edit | edit source]

Date of Publication Reference Title Contractor
Sep-14 BGIF00 Long Term Perspectives for WMOs/Cooperatives Twynstra&Gudde
Jan-14 BGIF01 Community Based Water Management (CWM) in P30 IWM
Dec-14 BGIF02 Feasibility study for Action Research Pumped Drainage in Polder 2 Deltares
21-Jan-15 BGIF03 Pearl cultivation study IMARES WUR
28-Feb-15 BGIF04 Baseline P30 Community Water Management Pilot Groenemeijer WUR
Jul-15 BGIF05 Opportunities for the development of the Moringa sector in Bangladesh CDI WUR
Dec-15 BGIF06 Feasibility Study on Renewable Energy Supply Greyshack
28-Dec-15 BGIF07 Ecopond Project: Women-Headed Small Household Ponds (see also BGIF20) WorldFish
25-Feb-15 BGIF08 Aquifer recharge for agriculture Acacia
23-Jun-18 BGIF09 Final Report Emergency Protection Polder 29, Khulna (see also other reports under P29) nhC/FRERMIP
13-Nov-16 BGIF10 Improved Pig Hygiene in Kawra Community Nice Foundation
Jan-17 BGIF11 Water App: a tool for water management decision making in P43/2B Deltares
Nov-17 BGIF12 Roads for Water Management and Flood Protection MetaMeta
Mar-17 BGIF13 Promoting natural cold storage MarGen
14-Sep-17 BGIF14 Community Based Water Management P43/2 and P29 FHRC
23-Oct-17 BGIF15 Increasing quality in Mungbean production Just Farming
01-Nov-17 BGIF16 Feasibility Study on Insects for Fish Feed Aspire_InsectsforAll
23-Oct-17 BGIF17 Web Campaign Promoting Dutch SME Entrepeneurship No9
08-Aug-16 BGIF18 Renewable Energy-Based Solutions Consiglieri
08-Dec-17 BGIF19 Floating Cage Aquageoponics Practical Action
08-Jan-18 BGIF20 Ecopond II Empowerment of Women (see also BGIF07) WorldFish
30-Sep-17 BGIF21 Relevant Actors for Sustainable Intensification of Tilapia Culture WorldFish
29-Oct-17 BGIF22A Feasibility Study on Women's Business Centres (WBCs) United Purpose
16-Jan-19 BGIF22B Women's Business Centres (WBCs) Final Report Phase II United Purpose
25-Jun-20 BGIF22C Women's Business Centres (WBCs) Final Report Phase III United Purpose
12-Dec-17 BGIF23 Blue Gold Innovation Challenge SBYA
11-Feb-18 BGIF24 Moringa Business Plan Moringa Ltd
01-Feb-18 BGIF25 Commercialising Agricultural Extension Services ProPortion_GrameenIntel
17-Apr-18 BGIF26A SWIFT Feasibility Study United Purpose
Mar-19 BGIF26B SWIFT Phase II Final Report United Purpose
23-Jun-20 BGIF26C SWIFT Phase III Final Report United Purpose
21-May-18 BGIF27A Feasibility Study - Augmenting homestead pangasius aquaculture production Innovision
31-Jan-19 BGIF27B Final Report - Augmenting homestead pangasius aquaculture production Innovision
Mar-18 BGIF28 Aquaculture Intervention in Seasonal Waterlogged Areas BSMRAU
11-Nov-19 BGIF29 Breed Identification and Digital Registry of Cattle mPower
17-Feb-20 BGIF30 Accelerating Horizontal Learning - Evaluation Report MetaMeta/JJS/AA
01-Jun-20 BGIF31 Sustaining Sack Farming Practices through Agro-Met Services Practical Action
29-Nov-20 BGIF32 Development of value-added products from water hyacinth Khulna University
17-Aug-20 BGIF33 Leveraging decision making science to sustain climate- and market-smart mung bean advisories in Patuakhali CIMMYT