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This section is intended to help you to identify and locate specific files and videos from the range of materials which has been generated over the past 8+ years of the Blue Gold Program.

Video Tutorials[edit | edit source]

The following explanatory video tutorials have been prepared to help you quickly navigate your way around the wiki:

  1. Searching for specific text
  2. Searching for pages and files
  3. Extracting text and images
  4. Reading and downloading resources

File library[edit | edit source]

A complete list of the references hosted in the file library can be found here. You can browse through this list or search it using a specific word or phrase. When you have found the title of a document you want to locate, enter the title or selected keywords into the search bar at the top right-hand corner of this page (ie the magnifying glass) and select the 'multimedia' option to search within the entire file library. This search method usually yields the most comprehensive results when searching for documents.

The following three options for searching are intended to complement the above search method. They present a broad range of Blue Gold topics (when searching by keyword), the non-BGP authors (when searching by author), and allow searching by language. The first two search methods provide different angles of search rather than being comprehensive. Searching by language provides the overview of all available English language documents or of all available documents in Bangla.

  • Files by keywords Files categorised using keywords - providing, for example, a quick way of locating all the Polder Development Plans (PDPs)
  • Files by author Files categorised by the author of the publication
  • Files by primary language Files organized by the primary language of the document ie English or Bangla.

Communication Products[edit | edit source]

From the following headings of five different groups of communication products, a specific document or video can be quickly located to read, view or download:

  • Thematic brochures - to provide the context for the different types of interventions or themes of the Blue Gold Program, and their outcomes and impact, and how inclusiveness has been addressed
  • Slide decks - pdf versions of slide decks used for presentations on ten different themes of the Blue Gold Program
  • Case studies - examples of success stories showing the practical impact of the core interventions – but written from the perspective of the main stakeholders
  • Videos - a small number of high quality videos cover the main features of Blue Gold: participatory water management, what water management means, agricultural outcomes (prepared by one of the implementation partners, the Department of Agricultural Extension), women's empowerment, and farming-as-as-business, In addition, there are a large number of videos about the Blue Gold Program on YouTube varying from films of specific activities, TV newscasts, extracts from the TV extension program ‘Mati O Manush’. They have been filmed for a wide range of reasons by TV news programs, professional film makers and Blue Gold colleagues.
  • Maps - A collection of detailed technical maps are presented here for the 22 polders included in the Blue Gold Program. The maps are categorised as either Overview Maps which provide a range of information on a map whose coverage is that of the entire project area or Polder Maps which give detailed technical information on maps of each of the 22 polders.